20 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Best Friend, Since You Guys Are Basically Soulmates

Valentine's Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the person you love — but who says that person has to be your significant other? If you ask me, celebrating Valentine's Day with your best friend is 100 percent the way to go. Whether you're single or not, you should take a note from Leslie Knope and start celebrating Galentine's Day. This means going out for a special brunch (or dinner, or whatever) — and of course, buying each other gifts.

If you're single, celebrating Valentine's Day with your best friend is a great way to get through the holiday without wanting to eat an entire box of chocolate by yourself in one sitting. If you're in a relationship, it's just a no-pressure way to have fun with your bestie. This year, buy gifts to show each other how important your friendship really is. Whether you want something small or something bigger, we've got you covered. Happy Galentine's Day!

A Wine To-Go Cup

This is something cute you can get along with a bottle of wine, or on its own. These little guys are great for games in the winter, or picnics and the beach in the summer. Plus, the pink top makes it very holiday appropriate.

Vino 2 Go Cup, $11, Amazon

A Grown-Up Organizer

Help your BFF stay organized this Valentine’s Day with a Panda Planner Pro. With monthly, daily, and weekly sections, she’s sure to stay on top of everything life throws her way.

Panda Planner Pro , $36, Amazon

A Fun Mug

Because who doesn’t want to be reminded of how flawless they are every time they drink their coffee?

I Woke Up Like This Mug, $13, Amazon

A Business Card Holder

This is a perfect gift if your best friend just got a new job. It’s charming, but still professional. Very few people are going to actually buy themselves a designer business card holder, so do it for her!

Kate Spade New York Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder, $19, Amazon

Delicious Smelling Beauty Products

Tocca makes amazing fragrances, but they can be a little pricey. Surprise your friend with a sampling of hand creams that smell as wonderful as they’ll feel on her dry winter skin.

Tocca Hand Cream Gift Set, $37, Amazon

A Pretty Candle Set

If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, Voluspa makes some of the best candles ever — they smell and look great. This little set comes with six different scents in a beautiful box.

Voluspa Vermeil Candle Set, $99, Amazon

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Serious question — who doesn’t love relaxing with a bath bomb? This luxurious gift set has six options for your BFF to choose from. Spoiler: they all sound amazing.

Bath Bomb Gift Set, $27, Amazon

Facial Sponge

Give your BFF the gift of glow this Valentine’s Day. The MY Konjac Sponge All Natural French Pink Clay Facial Sponge is designed specifically for “dehydrated or fatigued” skin and is great for exfoliating. Plus, it will last two to three months!

MY Konjac Sponge All Natural French Pink Clay Facial Sponge , $10, Amazon

An Extra Charger Cord

This Happy Plugs cable will charge most Apple products, and will help keep your friend organized because it’s a different color than her other Apple cables. It’s also pretty long, and the packaging is so cute. Everyone could always use a spare charging cable, especially since the Apple ones always do that weird splitting thing.

Happy Plugs Lightening Charge/Sync Cable, $20, Amazon

A Pretty Bowl

Every blogger out there has one of those monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie, so do something different with these monogrammed ring bowls. They’re so pretty, and they’re the perfect decoration for her room.

Monogrammed Garland Ring Bowl, $10, Anthropologie

Songbird Reading Table Lamp

This is probably something your friend won’t buy herself — which is why she’ll love getting it from someone else. With three levels of light intensity and a high-quality speaker, this reading table lamp is perfect for a day spent cuddling up with a book. Oh yeah, and it’s cute, too.

Songbird Reading Table Lamp, $25, Amazon

A Statement Necklace

This pretty statement necklace is fit for the holiday. Jewelry is always appropriate on Valentine’s Day, and who says it has to be from a guy?!

Statement Necklace, $21, Amazon

A Special Mug

In case you’re not familiar with Grey’s Anatomy, this is what best friends Meredith and Cristina say to each other, and it’s kind of the sweetest thing ever. Show your best friend just how much she means to you with this inexpensive, but very thoughtful gift from Amazon.

You’re My Person Mug, $19, Amazon

A Sassy Shirt

If you and your BFF are into spinning class, you can’t go wrong with this cute tank top from Betches Love This. It’s the perfect play on one of the best Mean Girls quotes of all time. Get one for yourself too so you guys can match during your next class.

You Can’t Spin With Us Tank, $38, BetchesLoveThis

Pretty Makeup Brushes

Score major bestie points with this 10-piece makeup brush set. If she has a date for Valentine’s Day, she can use this to get ready.

Makeup Brush Set, $10, Amazon

Best Friend Sweatshirt Set

If you’re ready to drop some cash on your friend, go for this option from Nasty Gal. It’s pricey, but hey — you get a gift out of the deal, too! Wear these whenever you’re together, and show everyone that you’re a pair that can’t be stopped.

Similar: Best Bitches Sweatshirt Set, $20, Etsy

A Flawless Necklace

Get your BFF a sweet necklace to remind her how flawless she really is. This one seems just about perfect.

Flawless Necklace, $59, Keely Smith Designs

A BFF Wine Glass

Make drinking wine even more fun than it already is with a simple wine glass that says it all. Include a cheap bottle of vino, and you’re basically the best friend a person could possibly have.

Best Friend Wine Glass, $12, Etsy

A Sushi Maker

The only thing your BFF loves almost as much as she loves you? Sushi! Now she can easily make her own thanks to this handy sushi maker tool. All she has to do is add the ingredients… and invite you over for a best friend date, of course.

Sushi Maker, $7, Amazon

A Cute Picture Frame

Throw in a cute snap of the two of you, because there’s no love in the world like that between best friends.

Heart Photo Frame, $15, Amazon