Cookie Might Be In Deep Trouble On 'Empire'

I have a terrible feeling that something terrible is going to happen to Cookie on Fox's newest hit series Empire . In the second episode "The Outspoken King," we saw Cookie try to debut Jamal as the newest performer on Lucious' label with herself as his manager. She also tried to bring out the truth in Lucious as he dealt with a controversy surrounding one of his most popular artists Kid Fofo. But most importantly, the episode's ending revealed that Cookie made a deal with the Feds that she already completed, but now they want something else from her too. It seems to me that whatever Cookie does next is going to get her into some serious trouble, and I'm not sure how she's going to fight her way out of it.

The episode only revealed that Cookie and the federal agent, Agent Carter, had a previous relationship and now Carter seems to want to collect on something that Cookie left unfinished from their previous deal. Nothing good can come of this, especially considering her and Lucious' start as criminals. So what on Earth did Cookie do for the feds? And why on Earth was she talking to the feds in the first place? What could have happened for Cookie would even want to speak to them? She just doesn't seem the type to be obedient of the law or even common social practices in general.

I think Cookie might have given the Feds some sensitive information in order to get released from prison 17 years into her 30-year sentence, because let's be honest, there's no way Cookie got off early for "good behavior." Perhaps she revealed that it was her $400,000 in drug money that started Lucious' music empire, because she definitely likes to throw that fact around even after she signed an NDA saying she wouldn't reveal it anymore.

Even though the Feds could be armed with that fact at the moment, it's possible that Cookie's word won't be nearly enough to get a conviction against Lucious, if that's their goal. They would need someone like Cookie to infiltrate the company, as she's doing now, and get the accounts information. Maybe Agent Carter wants Cookie to get as much incriminating evidence as possible and then testify in front of a grand jury against Lucious.

But will Cookie do it? I doubt it, because in the latest promo, it also seems like she has some scary criminals coming for her and the only people that would be able to protect her without wanting to lock her back up would be Lucious and her sons. It seems like Lucious and Cookie will start to mend their broken relationship, so it's likely Cookie will be in the midst of serious inner turmoil on what to do. But would Cookie really be willing to go back to jail for Lucious? That's something I can't believe she'd do again, especially considering how filled with regret she is over missing her children's lives. And of course it's obvious that Lucious and his new lady love don't trust Cookie, considering Lucious had Bunkie follow Cookie after she was released from prison. So it's likely he'll be skeptical even if Cookie tries to infiltrate the family for devious reasons.

Whatever's going on better reveal itself really quick. Even though Cookie is already arguably the most interesting character on the series, it would be awesome to see her get some great emotional conflict as she bonds more and more with her old family. All I know is that she had to be released from prison early for a reason. And from what we know about Cookie so far, that's just one of the many secrets she's probably keeping.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; dailyempiregifs/Tumblr