Don't Miss the Critics' Choice Movie Awards

Will you be tuning into the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, airing on A&E on Thursday night? The show is set to be hosted by former football player/current Live with Kelly and Michael host/future Magic Mike XXL star Michael Strahan, which might help sway you. If he can keep us entertained every single morning on the talk show, he should be able to handle a measly two-hour awards show. And don't worry, if you're going to be away from a TV for those two hours, you can still watch the Critics' Choice Movie Awards online.

I'm going to be real here for a second: I don't actually know much about the Critics' Choice Awards. All I know is, the attendees are pretty darn fabulously dressed, and that the winners can act as a fair predictor for the upcoming Academy Awards in (if you're into those Oscar pools, it's definitely something to consider — though sometimes, the CCA even makes the better choice). After some light Googling, I also found out that it's different than other major awards shows in that it has categories for things like Best Action Movie (the Best Actress in an Action Movie category is especially strong this year), as well as Best Sci-Fi Movie and Best Horror Movie.

All in all, it sounds like fun — and it's certainly not something to be missed. So, if you don't happen to get A&E (the network the show will be running on) or don't have a TV at all, you'll definitely want to track down the awards online. There are always DVRs for next-day viewing, but if you want to watch it in real time, you'll have to do a little hunting. Luckily, it's not hard — here are a few options for watching the Critics' Choice Movie Awards live online.

Stick with A&E

As A&E is the network broadcasting the event, it's the most logical streaming option. All you need to do is head over to AETV, provide your cable carrier's information, and you should be good to go! Be there or be square — the show starts at 9 p.m. EST.

Check Out uStream

If A&E isn't quite your cup of tea, you can always try uStream — they've got a handy little Critics' Choice Movie Awards page all set-up and ready for action for when the show airs this evening.

Head To Twitter

It's not an actual live stream, but it's pretty darn close. If all else fails, you can easily keep on the up and up via Twitter — all of your favorite entertainment news outlets will no doubt be live-tweeting the whole evening, as well as passionate movie fans, and if you really want to make it official, you can always follow the Critics' Choice Awards Twitter handle (@CriticsChoice).

So, there you have it! Grab your butteriest popcorn and your beverage of choice, and get ready for another night of awards.

Images: A&E; Giphy (3)