Taylor Lautner & Marie Avgeropoulous Break Up, Giving New Hope to All You Team Jacob Fans

Whenever a celebrity couple breaks up in Hollywood, especially when one member of the couple is as well-known as Taylor Lautner is, I always feel like I can hear the Internet collectively perking up at the idea that their already slim chances of landing the star have gone slightly up. Such is the case now that Lautner and girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos have broken up. Sure, the former Jacob Black has largely been off everyone's radar since appearing in the Twilight films (mainly because, like, all of Lautner's films since have bombed), but he's still the former Jacob Black. Somewhere on the Internet, or out there in life, someone is excited. On the bright side, those people don't have to feel bad for him. According to E! Online, the split was a friendly one.

A source reports that the amicable break up happened a couple of months ago and now "Taylor is dating and having fun. Nothing serious." There was no such optimistic report about how Avgeropoulos — better known as Octavia Blake from The 100 — is doing, but I don't doubt that even if there are some lingering feelings then she'll move on soon enough. If she's anything like her on-screen counterpart, her flirt game will be strong. Besides, Lautner and Avgeropoulos didn't even date for a full year, so it's likely their relationship never moved far beyond the casual.

Thus, I feel very justified in saying: Taylor "Jacob Black" Lautner is back on the market, ladies. Sure, your chances of hooking up with a celebrity are slim to none (though celebrities dating their fans has been known to happy to some ridiculously lucky people), but 2014 brought with it the loss of Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, and, at one point, Zac Efron. It's nice to have some good news after all that horrible talk of babies and marriage and Michelle Rodriguez. Ugh, celebrities falling in love. Who gave them the right?

Of course, if Avgeropoulos or Lautner are harboring broken hearts over this, then my heart, at least, goes out to them. After all, you're not much of a "fan" of someone if you're happy when they're miserable, now are you? The pair might seem fine, but we're also taking that from the word of an anonymous source since Lautner's representative declined to comment and Avgeropoulos has been quiet in a post-split world. Not that the two were frequently seen out together to begin with, but it's suspicious all the same. Perhaps we should save the "Lautner is Single!" party until we see our first images of one or both of these stars in 2015 and confirm for ourselves that they're in good emotional states. Perhaps.

Image: Giphy