The Oscars Are Having a Redhead Moment & These 7 Stars Are to Thank

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Looking at Hollywood, blondes are a dime a dozen and there are a sea of brunettes, but what about redheads? Although there are plenty of A-listers who have fiery hair, they are outnumbered in the industry. This year, the Oscar nominees are surprisingly filled with them — especially in the Best Actress category — ranging from Emma Stone all the way to proud ginger Eddie Redmayne.

Instead of just talking about the fantastic nominees and their enviable hair color, I want to expand it to those who should have been nominated, too. If I had it my way, some of my favorites like Christina Hendricks, Rachel McAdams, and early-years Lindsay Lohan would be on this list, but since they didn't have any Oscar contenders on their resumes this year, I narrowed it down to people who actually could have been realistically nominated, if only the categories were a little bigger.

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