6 Things Justin Bieber Should’ve Used to Hide from the Paparazzi Instead of 2 MTV Awards — PHOTO

This has officially been the week of weird Justin Bieber news. Less than 24 hours after news came out that he was spotted accidentally attending a Gay Republicans meeting (no, really, that happened), Bieber's exhibiting even more bizarre behavior. Late Wednesday night, Justin Bieber left a Beverly Hills recording studio and apparently, he really didn't want to be seen. What do you do when you're a famous pop star who doesn't feel like participating in a spur of the moment paparazzi photo shoot? You pull your hoodie as far over your head as it will go and hide behind some of your many awards, of course. This is actually something Bieber did. He saw the photographers outside and thought, "You know what? The best course of action here is to put two small items in front of my face and hope for the best." This brings us to the fantastic photos of Bieber hiding behind two MTV EMA awards as he escaped the studio.

Unfortunately, Bieber's plan obviously wasn't as flawless as he'd hoped, because he'd be receiving even less attention had he just left the studio like a normal person, gotten in his car, and gone home. Sure, his face would've been photographed a bit more clearly, but then we'd have way less to make fun of him for. I totally get not wanting to have your picture taken, especially by paparazzi. When my mom has her camera in her hand on Christmas morning, I fear that my makeup-less face will appear on Facebook just like anybody else. But Bieber, there are so many other things you could have hidden behind that would have been far more effective.

His Calvins

Just walk out of the studio stark naked, save your Calvins. Your fans would have loved it, Calvin Klein would have loved it, and you could have pretended you were doing it as part of your endorsement deal.

Something Normal, Like an Umbrella

It's easy, it's big enough to actually hide something, and sends the message that you don't want anyone to see your face without stirring up weird news stories in the process. Why didn't he want us to see his face, though? Was it a zit? A brand new tattoo of Selena Gomez? What?

His Entourage

Bieber, don't you have people for this kind of thing? Like, security guards who are big and scary and who could have easily blocked you from view? And that's what you pay them for? I think this option would have made the most sense.

His Millions

Just pull some cash out of your wallet, fan it in front of your face, and run to the car, reminding us of the heartbreaking reality that you make more money in an hour than most of us have the potential to earn in a lifetime.

This Thing

I'm sorry, but if I saw Bieber coming out of the recording studio with a Nerf gun that big, I would just leave him alone.

His Batman Mask

It's not like he hasn't done it before.

Actually Just Stay Home

If you're having a day when you really don't want to be seen, maybe hang out on the couch and watch Netflix instead, and go record tomorrow when you're more up for the attention? Just a thought.

Images: Getty Images, Giphy (4)