'Glee's Finale Date is Sooner Than You Think

by Nicole Pomarico

I have very mixed feelings about Glee ending forever. In the beginning, it was one of my favorite shows. Who can argue how solid that first season was? Then, as the years went on, it got more and more ridiculous, and continuity became a nonissue — something I fully blame Ryan Murphy for as he began to put his focus on American Horror Story instead, which remains incredible from week to week. At this point, six seasons in, a lot of fans have totally lost interest, myself included, which is a shame because in its earlier days the show was so strong. But just because I don't watch every new episode doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to finding out how everything ends, and that day is coming up a lot faster than you'd think. The Glee series finale airs Friday, March 20.

I know what you're thinking: Isn't that a little soon, since Season 6 didn't begin until last week? It is, considering most finales won't happen until May. But since Glee was given a midseason premiere and only 13 episodes for Season 6, it makes sense that they're all running consecutively with no breaks. Plus, 13 episodes is more like 10, because the premiere and the finale are both two hours long.

This season, Kurt and Rachel are tasked with putting the Glee Club back together, returning to their old high school to do it. It makes sense that this would be a major theme for the last season: Showing how things have come full circle, and seeing them put aside the new lives they've built to do their duty to something that was so important in their paths. All I ask is that this season wraps up all the unanswered questions I have about the main cast, preferably via flash forwards into their futures. Beyond that, Murphy can make everything else as ridiculous and unrealistic as he wants.

Although we don't know a ton about what the finale holds, I'm willing to bet it's going to be a major tearjerker — especially since Murphy has already promised that it will pay tribute to the late Cory Monteith. With that detail alone, it's pretty much assured that the last episode is going to be heartbreaking. And saying goodbye to the rest of the characters (the ones who have stuck around for all six years like Kurt, Rachel, and Satana, anyway) on top of that? Stock up on the tissues, because it's going to be a really, really sad Friday night.

Image: Beth Dubber/Fox