What a Sick Day Looks Like In Your Twenties

It's 7:00 am and you're still in bed. You feel groggy, achey, and you definitely have a fever. You think about trying to take a shower to see if that will make you feel better, but you can't muster up the energy to get to the bathroom. Yep, you're definitely coming down with something.

Oh, sick days; those pesky things that we may delight in (no nine-to-five grind!), yet dread (since you're stuck sitting on the couch with a mountain of tissues) simultaneously. Since it's currently flu season, and winter at that, you've probably taken at least one of these yourself over the last few months. Unless of course you are one of the 40 million Americans who doesn't get paid sick leave, in which case you probably have to find the strength to get up and go to work, despite your illness.

There are many stereotypes we hold about sick days, and even the phrase itself conjures up one of two images: you probably imagine someone who is either practically dying but afraid that their boss will think their feigning their illness, or someone who is actually feeling just fine, but wants to avoid going into the office in order to enjoy a Netflix binge. I imagine that over the span of your life, you've probably done both of these at one point or another.

In reality though, once you're deep into your twenties and also knee-deep into your career, your sick days probably involve you actually being sick.Your likely alone in your apartment, trying to ignore emails from your office, while downing too many doses of Nyquil.

Check out this comedy video to commiserate in the struggle that is the twenty-something sick day.

Images: Getty, Giphy