Mariah Carey's Caesar's Palace Residency Confirmed & Las Vegas Officially Has Two Pop Queens Now

Has Las Vegas become to hottest new town to move to? Because, really, it's really beginning to seem that way. First, Britney Spears takes up a residency there at Planet Hollywood in 2013, and then extends her contract with the casino because she's having such a great time there — and now, this: According to the pop songstress herself during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mariah Carey has agreed to a residency at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, which will officially begin in May 2015.

"I'm going to do my first ever residency in Vegas at Caesars. This is a special event for me...And again, I have to hope that the fans will enjoy this cause I'm gonna be performing, which was kind of inspired by my album Number 1's, and this is now the updated version with 18 of them. Hopefully other people will enjoy this," Carey explained on Ellen. "I've never done this before. Some of these songs I'm like, 'Really? I'm gonna do this again? OK.'"

The news was further confirmed by AEG Live in a statement: "AEG Live and Caesars Palace are honored to be part of this collaboration and proudly welcome Mariah to her new residence at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, home of the greatest entertainers in the world."

This is, of course, huge news for an artist like Carey, who's pretty much renowned as one of the most popular female singers of all time. Though artists taking up residencies at casinos such as this one used to have an attached stigma that was less than appealing, since Britney took up her Vegas residency, it's become a pretty trendy option: Now the city has Carey, and there have even been reports that Jennifer Lopez is considering a similar arrangement.

Carey's first show will take place on May 6, 2015, and for those of you in the area, tickets are on sale now.