Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game Lets You Take the Hamptons Just Like Kourtney and Khloe

It's only been a week and a half since the finale, but I'm going through some serious Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons withdrawal. Fortunately there's a solution for that! Kim Kardashian just added the Hamptons to her iPhone game, and now you can do everything the Kardashians did on the show — and more!

After I installed the latest Kim Kardashian: Hollywood update, I got a phone call from momager Kris Jenner to let me know some space opened up in the Hamptons. And I, the lucky gal that I am, finally got to go to the digital Hamptons just like I've always dreamed of. OK, I've always dreamed of going to the real Hamptons, but I'll take what I can get.

The game designers decked out the location complete with beach-front property, a chic country club eatery, clothing store, and a mini-version of the Kardashian-Disick property. And there's also some sail boats, sand, and surfboards to make you wish winter would just hurry up and end already.

So after you get the call from Kris, what can you do when you take the Hamptons? Everything the Kardashians did, of course. It's actually a first for the game to let you follow the show's own trajectory so closely. Check out the four cool things the digital Hamptons have to offer you!

Open a Pop Up Shop

Remember how Dash took up a summer residence in the Hamptons while the K sisters were there? Well now you, too, can open your own pop up clothing store. Of course, since you're not a Kardashian, it's a little harder. You have to talk to this seedy owner and get the sequel to his favorite movie made before he'll let you buy it. That's showbiz apparently.

Check Out the Country Club

Stop by The Swan Royal Country Club and invite your significant other on a romantic date that will cost you time, money, and energy — but at least the view is nice!

Buy a Really Expensive Beach House

Luxury don't come cheap, honey. This beachside mansion will cost you $70,000 or 140 K stars. Either way, it's way out of my price range. So much for kicking it like a Kardashian.

Hang Out at the Kardashian's Place

If you don't have the dough to get your own place in the Hamptons, you can just hang out at Kourtney and Scott's. Although it isn't labeled as such, there's a mystery building between the country club and the beach mansion with a living room that looks suspiciously like the one the Kardashian-Disick family owns. Same tables, couch, and dining room chairs, everyone!

Perhaps this is where you'll meet Kourtney and Khloe for the special quests and assignments the new update promises.

The Hamptons is maybe one of the most exciting places Kim's game has added lately, and it comes at the prefect time to relieve your Kardashian/Hamptons withdrawal. See you there!

Images: Timothy White/E!; Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (5); giphy