Are Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Back Together? 5 Reasons They Might Have Been Seen Together — VIDEO

It's happened. As with any two celebrities who broke up but continue to exist on similar planes of wealthy "It" people, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been seen together once more. According to TMZ, who are of course the ones with the pictures, Styles and Swift were in the same room at the same time. It's like that time Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were in the same room as Jennifer Aniston, after years of the tabloids obsessing over Aniston's fictional obsession with babies! Only this time, the sisters from HAIM were also present, their bodies serving as shields to protect the young former alleged lovebirds from the power of their own chemistry and reed-y attractiveness.

If you felt a schism forming in the middle of the night, it wasn't the actors of Hollywood mentally preparing for Oscar nominations, it was twitter freaking out over Haylor. So here are some better reasons Swift and Styles may have been "seen together" on that fateful night in mid-January. (Kindly cue up "Style" while we contemplate. Or, if you find it more fitting, "Blank Space.")

1. They're Dating Again

Maybe we'll get a "Style, Part Deux," or maybe Swift will take a page from Sondheim and go "Into the Woods." Maybe these two young, attractive, tall people aren't done smashing their faces against each other.

2. It's Time For Styles' Winter Girlfriend

1D lore says that, like clockwork, every winter Styles is "seen" dating and/or generally interacting with in a way that could be misconstrued as dating another famous or semi-famous pretty lady. Usually it's done in December, but maybe he's late this year. Either way, this lore makes me happy because it paints Styles as some sort of bear slaving to the seasons, only instead of hibernation he gets publicity. This could go towards the "they're dating" rumor or it could just go towards the "someone's publicist got lazy" camp.

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3. Styles' Next Tattoo Will Be Of Swift's Face

He makes a lot of seemingly random tattoo decisions, it could happen.

4. The Winds Of Time and Space Sweep Us All Back Together Eventually

You're always going to run into your exes. It's a rule of the universe. Aren't we all just stardust in the end?

5. They're Friendly People Who Run In Similar Circles

This one's the one I'm personally betting on. If Styles and Swift are gripped in some kind of feverish love that will result in more love songs and/or break-up songs, then good for them. But I also hold firm to the belief that Swift has the ability to be in the presence of a male person — even a male person who she's previously been publicly seen with/been thought to date — without any romantic activity occurring.

Styles and Swift are hardly cuddling up in the photos being CSI-level dissected; it kinda just looks like they're both uber-famous musicians who have mutual friends and happen to be in fancy LA hotels late at night, as musicians are wont to do.

If they get married next week, I'll bite my tongue. But that'll mainly be because the media frenzy that would follow something like that would be legendary and way too fun to resist. Check out the awkward run-in below.