19 Times Mitt Romney Mitt-Rolled Us With His Presidential "Never Gonna Give You Up" Face

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As news broke this week that Mitt Romney "almost certainly will" run for president for a third time in 2016, the country let out a collective "why?" Some might have choked on their morning bagels while others likely chortled at their iPads. As The Washington Post put it, it just makes no sense for Romney to run for president again. The former governor of Massachusetts has previously run for president twice, once in the 2008 election and then again in 2012, an election year that is still very fresh in the minds of Americans. The Republican nominee became better known for his embarrassing gaffes than his party platform. First, he was caught on video saying that 47 percent of the country was dependent on federal help and painted themselves as victims. Therefore, "My job is not to worry about those people." The comment cemented his already plutocratic image. Then came Romney's infamous "binders full of women" comment during the presidential debate that confirmed he was a rich white guy who represented other rich white guys. So why is he running once more? Is he a glutton for punishment? Either way, the man's resolve is a thing of beauty. And you can detect it in his face, that chiseled all-American face that says "U.S. presidency, I'm never gonna give you up." In fact, every time you look at his face, it's a little bit like getting Mitt-rolled.

Here are 19 times Mitt Romney's face looked determined to run for president and fail all over again.

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