This Is What a Long Distance Relationship Is Like

Even if you've never been in such a relationship yourself, you've probably seen how distance affects romantic partners. Long distance relationships, or LDRs, are notoriously difficult to maintain, but BuzzFeed's "What It's Like to Be in a Long Distance Relationship" video discusses all aspects of an LDR, good and bad. Some people visibly regret trying it, others are still happily together after several years of dating from afar, but all the interviewees in the video had insights into what it's like to be in an LDR. The clip features people from relationships that have gone in all kinds of directions. Some couples are still together, while others have sworn off long distance entirely. Emotional distance, rather than physical, seems to be the killer of most relationships; every interviewee stresses the importance of communication. When you run out of things to say on the phone, the key is to figure out "what was special about my day... how did it change me, and how I can share that with the other person," according to one interviewee. The most poignant part of the video comes when the interviewees are asked whether it was worth it. "We broke up, so... it wasn't," one shrugged. Others maintained that although the relationships ended, LDRs are worth it with the right person.For those who've been in LDRs, it's good to hear from people who know what you've gone through, and for those who haven't, it's an interesting watch. Check out the video below: