Nancy Grace Wants Another Marijuana Debate With 2 Chainz, But She Should Stop While She's Ahead — PHOTO

If anyone else is still struggling to move past the utter ridiculousness that was the Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz pot debate, please take comfort in knowing that you don't stand alone. The entire interview was filled with hilarity from start to finish and my brain still hasn't quite adjusted to seeing Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz mentioned in the same sentence, let alone having a conversation on TV. But I need my neurons to hurry up and recover already because Grace asked 2 Chainz to a debate rematch. Like, WHYYY is she doing this?! Is #Pot2Blame?

Round one of the marijuana debate made for great TV, and that's mostly because Grace's signature dramatic delivery came off like some really bad acting that NO ONE took seriously. Her one-trick pony theatrics are always a bit much, but in this particular interview they were completely ineffective. However, the conversation did an excellent job of demonstrating that a) maybe we shouldn't judge 2 Chainz's intellect by the way he spells his name and b) Grace made the rookie mistake of underestimating her opponent.

Besides, anytime someone demands a rematch after losing, even if they win the second time, the original loss still stands. So here's the bottom line, Nancy: Take this one on the chin and admit that you got schooled by a rapper because of a failed attempt at trying to convince 2 Chainz (OF ALL PEOPLE) that his support for the legalization of marijuana will virtually bring about an end to civilization as we know it.

Everyone got in their fair share of laughs (myself, included), but maybe Grace took her sensationalist crime coverage a little too far off the beaten path this time. Asking for another debate that will most likely exceed the original in foolishness only indicates that Grace doesn't know where to draw the line.

Check out Grace challenging 2 Chainz to a rematch below: