Levi's is Rebooting the Classic 501 Jean — So Here Are 6 Ways to Style the Most Classic Piece of Denim Ever

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 7: A Levi's jacket is seen on display at the new Levi Strauss & Company Visitor center May 7, 2003 in San Francisco, California. On the 150th anniversary of the San Francisco based jean company, Levi Strauss opened a visitor center that chronicles the company's history with decades of period clothing and classic advertising. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
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Thanks to an influx of 70s style and bohemian influence, 2015 is looking like The Year of The Jean. And no brand does denim like the original blue jean manufacturer Levi Strauss. This year, Levi's is debuting a reboot of the classic 501, otherwise known as the original boyfriend jean. Entitled the 501 CT, or Custom Tapered, the style is offered in tapered and original, meaning that there are infinite ways to fashion your own, personalized look.

Before delving into the best manner of sporting your revamped 501's, take a moment to appreciate the history of the Levi staple. The Levi 501 made its sartorial debut in 1873, making it the most enduring — and aesthetically pleasing — 40-year-old trend the fashion world has known. 501's were created with durability in mind, worn as they were by gold miners and other physical laborers. Time Magazine dubbed 501's the "Clothing Item Of The Century," a moniker which is incredibly fitting considering how essential denim is to the modern wardrobe. Imagine if you opened your closet and reached for a perfectly fitted pair of leggings to wear for your first date instead of the jeans that are perfectly molded to your body in the ideal dark wash; it's a reality too dreadful to contemplate. So in honor of the redesigned 501, here are five fabulous ways to style the iconic jean.


Though the Canadian Tuxedo, or head-to-toe denim look, is often eschewed due to its casual look, an updated version of the Tuxedo is entirely acceptable for 2015. Try a denim shirt with a slightly different wash on top to break up the look, and throw on a blazer or plaid shirt to enhance its relaxed quality.


A pair of boyfriend jeans like the 501 can be made instantly more sultry with the addition of heels and a beautiful blouse or silk tank. Whether you're headed to a date or simply wandering around the shops on a Sunday afternoon, popping on a pair of pumps and a polished top can mean the difference between slovenly and streamlined.


Like the venerable Kate Middleton has demonstrated in the past, jeans and sneakers can be a fashion-forward pairing as long as you take proportions into account. Try the tapered version of the 501 with a pair of Chuck Taylors and a fitted tee, or roll your jeans to expose a bit of ankle with Isabel Marant wedges.


A denim and tee combination is a classic look for a good reason; you can dress the look up with a blazer and wedges, or keep it pared-down with flats a la Natalie Portman, but the look appears effortless either way.


Nothing elevates a classic pair of jeans like a shimmering top or jacket. Take a cue from Angelina Jolie and top off your 501's with a delicate gold jacket, and consider yourself ready for a night on the town.


Who says tuxedos must consist of a monochromatic, silken look? A tuxedo blazer with ripped boyfriend jeans and statement jewelry is a street style-inspired manner of glamorizing the casual, off-duty staple.

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