E!'s 'The Royals' Is Already Looking Promising

This is definitely a good sign for any new show with a ton of buzz surrounding it — and absolutely not a sign we see often, at that. According to The Hollywood Reporter, E! has already renewed their upcoming scripted drama The Royals for season 2 — despite the fact that season 1's premiere is still months away. If that's not a vote of confidence, I'm not sure what is.

The series, which stars Elizabeth Hurley and is from One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, will be the first scripted drama to ever premiere on the normally celebrity gossip/news-based network. Plot-wise, it's basically an elaborate, soap opera-esque take on England's royal family (a fictional version, of course), so you can expect a lot of steamy secrets, Gossip Girl-esque plot twists, and extremely OMG-worthy scenes. I mean, there are a lot of those sorts of moments in the trailer alone!

Season 1 is officially set to premiere on March 15 (so it's definitely too early to tell when we should be expecting season 2 to premiere). Of the renewal, Schwahn said in a statement at the TCA press tour: "This pickup caught us all off guard. I feel like if we're not doing seasons five, six, seven, we're making a mistake. And I'd be thrilled to do it with this cast and the ensemble."

Well, that does it: I officially cannot wait for this show to premiere. Anyone got a time traveling DeLorean and interested in taking a road trip to March 15?

Image: E! Entertainment