Could You Be The Next Brand Ambassador for DVF?

So maybe I was a little disappointed when I didn't Amanda as Diane Von Furstenberg's Global Brand Ambassador on E!'s House of DVF, but that doesn't mean I didn't eat up every second of the season. From girl fights, to many, many tears, and even to sassing DVF's team, these girls held my attention every week, bringing me to a blind rage when I heard the phrase "next time, on House of DVF." But, announced today, the show will be coming back for a second season.

If you haven't seen or heard of the show before, the premise is this: eight girls, all from different backgrounds, from styling, to blogging, to being a professional photographer, all compete in challenges related to design, marketing, sales, and PR, for a chance to be Diane's Brand Ambassador.

While Brittany Hampton snagged the title during the first season, Diane will be looking for a second Brand Ambassador. The series will also follow Hampton's life as she travels, works, and represents DVF. Additional appearances will also be made by DVF Style Editor Jessica Joffe and Creative Brand Director Stephanie Greenfield, who both worked with the candidates in Season 1.

I have no doubt that I, along with thousands of DVF fans, will be tuning in each week to see who makes it out on top. And while yes, some instances seemed entirely calculated and scripted, the show gave a unique perspective we don't always get to see—backstage at New York Fashion Week, the planning behind an important luncheon, and what it's like to style celebrities for big events. Are they entirely accurate? Maybe not. But it sure makes for good TV.

If you're looking to audition for the chance to be on the show, you can find more details at