Michael Strahan Rips His Pants Off & The Critics' Choice Awards Become 'Magic Mike XXL' — VIDEO

Who knew the first minutes of an awards show could be so fun, or awkward? In case you missed it, Michael Strahan stripped at the Critics' Choice Awards — quite an interesting choice if I do say so myself. I'm prepared for a few curse words and censors working hard, but not this! The daytime talk show host, who will appear in Magic Mike XXL , started the show off with a group of disrobing male dancers. Because when you think critics, you think male strippers. Then later, Strahan joined the fun! The crowd of stars and filmmakers did not quite know how to react. Throughout the night, the host entertained with selfie opportunities and celebrity banter, as well as quite a few costume changes. However, that opening tease made a big impression. The real question is, where was Channing Tatum? Don't tease us like this. If you're going to do a strip number, do it right!

Then, the first winner of the night, Michael Keaton (representing the ensemble cast of Birdman), insulted the bit in his acceptance speech, calling it uncomfortable. That was rude! Michael Strahan's sense of humor might not be your cup of tea, but that calling out your criticism while accepting an award is not the best way to show gratitude. Keaton's three acceptance speeches were also filled with jokes of his own. Was he vying for next year's hosting gig?

Anyway, watch the now infamous pants-dropping below. What do you think, hilarious, or uncomfortable?

Image: JustJared/Twitter