Emily Blunt's Critics' Choice Awards Acceptance Speech Was Awesomely Feminist, Because She's Done with Damsels in Distress — VIDEO

We couldn't have asked for a better moment this early in the Critics' Choice Awards. Emily Blunt's adorable, feminist speech for Best Actress in an Action Movie started with laughs and ended with cheers. She won for her role in Edge of Tomorrow opposite Tom Cruise. First, her husband John Krasinski rushed the stage to give her a hug. He was presenting next and ran out to congratulate his wife on stage. She thanked Tom Cruise, the director and her husband. But is was this quote that elicited whoops from other female audience members.

"It's the greatest thing to not be a damsel in distress in an action movie and I will forever — ah! So cool! And I will just forever be so grateful for the title of Full Metal Bitch."

The relief and joy in her eyes says it all. This is the kind of feedback we need! Especially for multi-faceted, complicated female protagonists like Emily Blunt's Rita Vrataski in Looper. It was a great, quotable moment, and I'm happy to hear that from her mouth as well as the critics.

Also, Blunt told an anecdote about, after her "sneaky" husband admitted to her that he was terrified he was going to wake up to her bench pressing him, that she did it anyway "just to kinda freak him out." How adorable, and amazing, is that? I would like to be their friends please, as long as it's not too dangerous. Watch the speech now, and look for the added gem that is Jennifer Aniston giving her a standing ovation as well.