Lizzy Caplan Makes a Case For Capes

By Candace Bryan

Capes are a fashion item that people tend to have very strong feelings about. You can love capes, you can hate capes, but you won't find many people who are ambivalent about capes. I myself have long been a cape naysayer, and I fear that wearing one will make me look like a long lost member of the Fellowship of the Ring. But, you know, not in a good way.

Due to their controversial nature, capes are always a fashion statement, and more often than not, they're a fashion fail (I'm looking at you, Nicki Minaj). However, at last night's Masters of Sex New York premiere, Lizzy Caplan showed that capes can not only be fashionable, but they can also be straight-up cool.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The caped top was part of a look from the Andrew Gn Resort 2014 collection, and was completely rad. Paired with funky black and white sandals, simple hair, and minimal accessories, Lizzy managed to look not at all absurd.

What great about Lizzy's cape is that it actually does give off a Lord of the Rings vibe. It just works. Plus, even though Lizzy is a goddess of awesomeness, this look could probably work on mere mortals, too.

I may be a cape convert now.