16 Pairs Of Flats That Are Just As Good As Heels, No Matter How Fancy You're Supposed To Be

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With the rise of normcore fashion and menswear trends, it's become more and more acceptable for women to switch out their uncomfortably high heels for a pair of flats. Now, instead of awkwardly standing on one foot to switch into heels before entering the office, many women are confidently going to work in stylish (and comfortable) flats. The right pair of flats can easily look professional and put-together for the workplace or a date, and even sneakers are no longer relegated to the treadmill. With so many studies warning us about the long-term risks of wearing heels (not to mention the short-term pain and dangers of falling), it just makes sense to opt for flats whenever possible.

A world in which women are comfortable, pain-free, and able to move around with ease should be the norm. If for you, that means wearing heels, then go for it! But if you'd like to give your feet a little break now and then, consider investing in a few versatile pairs of flats. Click through to see 16 different pairs of heels with options for everyone's budget, whether you're looking to save or to splurge.

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