Lady Gaga & RedOne Are Teaming Up Once Again: A Ranking of the Duo's 7 Best Tracks — LISTEN

Listen up, Little Monsters! Thanks to a Instagram pic the singer posted on Thursday, it looks like Lady Gaga and RedOne are teaming up once again. Woo hoo! Gaga told Yahoo! Style at the end of December that she had begun work on a new album, but she didn't discuss potential collaborators. Instead, the eccentric 28-year-old pop star described the recording process for what will presumably be her fourth solo album as "operating" on her "old self," possibly suggesting that her new music will incorporate elements of her old sound (or at least that's how I interpreted her cryptic words, anyway). So, with that in mind, partnering with RedOne, the man who produced almost half of her debut LP, The Fame, definitely makes sense.

RedOne helped Gaga craft some of her biggest and, in my opinion, best songs, so I'm pretty psyched about this news. (I was bummed that he only contributed one track to her last solo project, ARTPOP.) True, RedOne isn't the in-demand producer that he once was (his work was inescapable on U.S. radio waves from 2009 until about 2011), but that doesn't make him any less talented. Besides, Gaga seems to bring out the best in him, so I see no reason why this development shouldn't be celebrated.

Therefore, in honor of Gaga and RedOne's musical reunion (and in honor of the sixth anniversary of "Just Dance" topping the Billboard chart!), I give you a definitive ranking of the duo's seven best tracks... so far:

#7. "Monster" from The Fame Monster EP (2009)

Ciaran Walker on YouTube

Recycling the "ma-ma-ma" bit from "Poker Face"? Genius.

#6. "Alejandro" from The Fame Monster EP (2009)

LeJCVideos on YouTube

It's so catchy.

#5. "LoveGame" from The Fame (2008)

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube

"Disco stick." 'Nuff said.

#4. "Gypsy" from ARTPOP (2013)


It's just the right amount of campy.

#3. "Just Dance" from The Fame (2008)

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube

This is where it all began. (Also, she's saying "RedOne" during the intro, not "red wine." Just FYI.)

#2. "Bad Romance" from The Fame Monster EP (2009)

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube

The drama!

#1. "Poker Face" from The Fame (2008)

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube

Over six years later, the chorus is still stuck in my head. Seriously. What a tune.