17 Edgy Pearl Jewelry Pieces Your Grandmother Probably Wouldn't Approve Of

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I know what you're thinking: Pearls are for the hoity-toity. No rule-benders allowed. It’s your grandmother’s favorite accessory, appropriately worn while sipping chamomile tea from fine china or attending some sort of over-the-top classy affair. TRUST ME, as an avid rock and grunge fashion enthusiast, I get that stereotype. But the curiously rebellious and edgy pearl jewelry pieces that have been popping up at every jewelry store have introduced several modern twists and motifs to “traditional” pearls that call for a second look.

Unlike the old single-strand pearl necklace, these designs use contrasting textures to create a push and pull between sweet and sinister, showcasing pearls as accents to gems, spikes, cuffs, gold bands, open-caged rings and eccentric earpieces. Whether you're a rocker-chick looking to experiment with a bit of sophistication or a classy-gal hoping to spice up your accessories, a playful, edgier pearl-style can be worn for any occasion.

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