17 Edgy Pearl Jewelry Pieces Your Grandmother Probably Wouldn't Approve Of

I know what you're thinking: Pearls are for the hoity-toity. No rule-benders allowed. It’s your grandmother’s favorite accessory, appropriately worn while sipping chamomile tea from fine china or attending some sort of over-the-top classy affair. TRUST ME, as an avid rock and grunge fashion enthusiast, I get that stereotype. But the curiously rebellious and edgy pearl jewelry pieces that have been popping up at every jewelry store have introduced several modern twists and motifs to “traditional” pearls that call for a second look.

Unlike the old single-strand pearl necklace, these designs use contrasting textures to create a push and pull between sweet and sinister, showcasing pearls as accents to gems, spikes, cuffs, gold bands, open-caged rings and eccentric earpieces. Whether you're a rocker-chick looking to experiment with a bit of sophistication or a classy-gal hoping to spice up your accessories, a playful, edgier pearl-style can be worn for any occasion.

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In Hollywood

The arrival of Mise En Dior’s tribal influenced double-back pearl earrings and Chanel’s illustrious pearl collar (rocked by your homegirl Cara Delevingne) have been embraced by a number of stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna, and inspired a ton of designers to make innovative pearl jewelry with mischievous twists. Click through for some more affordable ways to channel these flawless celebs. 

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Noir Fossilia Double Bone Pearl Ring

Handcrafted with the lost wax technique, this dark ring is accented with complementary pearls.

Voodoo Jewels Noir Fossilia Double Bone Ring, $350, thestore.com

Rose Gold-Plated Swarovski Pearl Earrings

This single-earring look includes a dagger-like bar which follows the curve of one ear, and a single pearl stud that is placed on the opposite ear. 

Ryan Storer Rose Gold-Plated Swarovski Pearl Earrings, $195, net-a-porter.com

Ballard Glass Pearl Cuff

This gold-plated brass cuff has an open back and contrasts Swarovski crystals with glass pearls to create a rebellious multi-textured look.

Elizabeth Cole Ballard Bracelet, $143, elizabethcolejewelry.com

Front Back Single-Stud Pearl Earrings

This reversible single-earring look features a single claw on one side and an imitation pearl stud on the other.  

Rebecca Minkoff Curbs Front Back Stud Earrings, $58, shopbop.com

Faux Pearl Earcuff

Adding faux pearls to an ear cuff puts a feminine touch on a normally aggressive look.

Zara Shiny Pearls Earcuff, $5.99, zara.com

Spike Faux Pearl Bracelet

A fusion of faux pearls and gold spikes creates a rebellious look.

Jacinthe Bracelet, $59, stelladot.com

Pearl Warrior Leather Bracelet

The ultimate statement piece, this hand woven leather bracelet features numerous black pearls molding itself to your arm. 

Coleman Douglas Freshwater Pearl ‘Warrior’ Bracelet in Black, £383, pearls.co.uk

Coral Skull Pearl Crown Ring

This cutting-edge ring mixes a multitude of layers including pressed coral, semi-precious stones, pearls, and metals to create a mischievous look.

Macabre Gadgets Coral Crown Ring, $220, macabregadgets.com

Glass Pearl Ear Cuffs

These saber-tooth looking cuffs line the edge of your ear with glass pearls.

Jardin P Graduated Glass Pearl Curved Post Ear Cuffs, $69, amazon.com

Pearl Spike Necklace

This braided leather necklace features freshwater coin pearls and bone beads with gold-plated spikes.

Lizzie Fortunato Pyramid II Pearl & Spike Necklace, $325, neimanmarcus.com

Faux Pearl Claw Earrings

These reversible faux pearl stud earrings are made with plated claws for an edgy take on a classic look. 

Forever 21 Faux Pearl Claw Earrings, $4.90, forever21.com

Deco Spiked Pearl Earings

Can’t get much more rock and roll than these earrings plated in dark oxidized silver and covered in Swarovski crystals.

Heiter Deco Spiked Earrings, £120, soboye.com 

Double Faux Pearl Ring

This stackable open cage ring has a gunmetal finish with a double faux pearl detail.

ASOS Double Faux Pearl Ring, $5.69, asos.com

Faux Pearl Cuff

This large cuff is lined with faux pearls for a bold but feminine look.

Anthropologie Pont Pearl Cuff, $14.95, anthropologie.com

Pearl Macrame Bracelet

This adjustable silk macrame bracelet features a sweet iridescent peacock pearl at its center.

Jordan Alexander Peacock Pearl Macrame Bracelet, $165, fragments.com

Faux Pearl Drape Body Chain

Add faux pearls to a body chain to add an alluring twist to an already intricate look.

Topshop Pearl Drape Body Chain, $100, topshop.com