Santana & Brittany Get Engaged On 'Glee,' But Kurt's Objection Causes Major Tension

I may not always be the biggest Santana fan on Glee, but I do admit her relationship with Brittany has always made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So when Santana proposed to Brittany in the Glee Season 6 episode "Jagged Little Taepstry," it was easily one of the sweetest moments of the series' final season considering the couple's ups and downs and the difficulty they faced while they were apart. Unfortunately, not everyone was super pleased by the coming union. After Brittany accepted Santana's proposal, which happened in the choir room naturally, Kurt immediately stood up and voiced his objections rather loudly. He believed the couple was too young to think about marriage and essentially gave them the same reason he gave Blaine for not wanting to get married himself. But rather than just let Kurt take it back and move on past the uncomfortable moment, Santana had to ruin a rare moment of sweetness by attacking Kurt personally over and over again about his failed relationship with Blaine.

That extreme a level of behavior was completely unnecessary. Obviously Santana had every right to be upset about Kurt's outburst during one of the happiest moment of her life, but this is the type of reaction that makes me really dislike Santana on many occasions, despite her having some really great story lines at times and having an incredible voice all the time. Go ahead, insult Kurt for making her happy moment all about him and his relationship. That he deserves. Call him "utterly, utterly intolerable." He deserves that too. But the amount of anger and offensive comments in between? It's overkill.

Kurt's attempts to speak to Brittany go a whole lot better as the sweeter and more lighthearted member of Brittana told Kurt that it wasn't right to compare her relationship with the one Kurt had with Blaine. She also gave him some real talk that he so desperately needed: It's time to move on past Blaine. Kurt confessed that he couldn't go on a date with anyone else as it would mean that he finally admitted their relationship was over.

But Brittany revealed to Kurt that Blaine was already thinking about moving in with Karofsky. She explained to him in spectacular Brittany fashion (with a candy metaphor naturally) that thinking about moving on and actually doing it are two very separate things. Kurt needs to move on, and he really needs to not let his personal baggage get in the way of his future happiness or the future happiness of any of his friends.

In that way, Santana's outburst also made sense. Kurt comparing their relationship to his failed one with Blaine was unfair as Kurt knows his own insecurities are one of the main reasons they ended their engagement and relationship. By comparing Santana and Brittany to him and Blaine, he was essentially saying that Santana and Brittany would not last and that they weren't ready to be together. But these are two women who have fought to do just that. Thankfully Kurt realized he was projecting quite heavily on all of his loved ones and it seems like by the end of the episode that he and Santana had reached a truce for now. But it's unlikely Santana would ever apologize for her incredibly rude remarks and to be honest, I hope this one day will come back to bite her.

Images: Tyler Golden/FOX; cosimacormier, janel-moloney/Tumblr