On 'Hart Of Dixie' Zoe Told Wade About Her Pregnancy & His Reaction Was Worse Than You Thought

Not even Lavon and George's ridiculous hijinks can ease my heartache these days. Back in December, the Hart of Dixie Season 4 premiere revealed Zoe's pregnancy at the end of a disappointing episode. OK, it wasn't that bad — but it's kind of terrible that NONE of our favorite Bluebell residents have changed at all. After a brief hiatus, Hart of Dixie returned on Jan. 16 with "The Curling Iron" and Zoe finally told Wade about her pregnancy. Which went just about as well as you expected it to — just kidding, it was AWFUL.

After the Season 4 premiere, I was essentially convinced that Zade would never get back together because neither of them has learned anything or grown from their experiences since they split up in Season 2. But Friday night's new episode made it even more clear that Zoe and Wade are absolutely not ready to get back together — even if Wade wants to wine and dine and treat Zoe like a lady this time around. The first problem is that neither of them know how to communicate, nor do they have any idea how to handle their feelings.

In "The Curling Iron," Zoe spent the majority of the episode panicking over her pregnancy — which makes sense, because she's Zoe and she didn't plan this and her mother isn't exactly a great role model. But her decision to shut Wade out completely and then fling the news at him was kind of painful to watch. I mean, she professed her love for him, what happened to that? There was obviously something about Wade that made Zoe fall in love with him — apparently it wasn't the fact that he's a great listener or someone who can support her in a time of need.

But if how Zoe decided to tell him about their baby was bad, Wade's reaction was even worse. And it really made me question why, exactly, Zoe was so "in love" with him in the first place. Sure, I can understand being taken aback by the news that you're going to be a father, but to just stand there and say absolutely nothing while Zoe is clearly in a bad place? That's just not cool. If Hart of Dixie is going to end after its 10-episode run in 2015, it's got a heck of a job ahead of it if it plans on convincing any fans that Zade should get back together. Because, right now, their couldn't be two worse people in the world for each other.

Image: Michael Yarish/The CW