Who Plays Jack Gruber on 'Gotham'? Christopher Heyerdahl Can't Help But Be Evil On TV

He has a familiar face. He has a distinct voice. He knows how to play creepy and evil like no other, especially when it comes to demons, history, and a beloved DC Comic that is now a TV show. Not only am I talking about Jack Gruber from Gotham, who has landed himself as the next villain detective turned-Arkham Asylum guard Jim Gordon is determined to cross off his list, but I'm also referencing the man who plays the evil Gruber — Christopher Heyerdahl. It's not a name you hear every day in the news, but he is no stranger to the small screen or giving people nightmares thanks to his ability to play a villain extremely well.

Heyerdahl has been spotted all over TV, and you're probably more likely to recognize him by his face and unique voice rather than his name. However, I'd recommend putting his name in your actor rolodex (electronic or otherwise), because I have no doubt he's going to continue to make his mark on the small screen, and I hope we get to see even more of him on Gotham. So, let's get to know the man behind Jack Gruber, aka The Electrocutioner, even more before Monday's brand new episode. Here are just a few of Heyerdahl's evil characters, plus a few nice ones, that have spread fear far and wide among avid TV viewers.

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He Was Once A Demon

On The CW's Supernatural, Heyerdahl played the mean demon Alastair. Not only did Dean "befriend" him while serving some time in Hell, but he was also dubbed the so-called "grand torturer" who broke the news to Dean that the Winchester brother actually broke the first seal. Yes, Dean was not happy, felt guilty, and even shed those famous Dean Winchester tears.

He Played Bigfoot, For Real

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In the TV mini-series Sanctuary, Heyerdahl took on the role of Bigfoot or Big Guy. Even though he was playing a character most likely named for the scary creature that is an urban legend, this time around Heyerdahl's character could be trusted.

He Once Harvested The Life Of Others

During his time on Stargate: Atlantis, Heyerdahl portrayed Todd the Wraith, aka a "vampiric hive-based species" that harvested the "life-force" of other humanoids. Despite that downfall, Todd did manage to showcase his good side by regenerating John Sheppard. Eventually, the two joined forces.

He Got His Twilight On

I know this isn't a TV show, but how can I not mention that Heyerdahl was a part of the movies based on the Twilight books? He played Marcus, one of the three leaders of the Volturi coven who can read the emotional ties between people.

He Embraced His Inner Vampire

Like Twilight, Heyerdahl also played the vampire Dieter Braun on True Blood's fifth season. He was the Chancellor of the Vampire Authority, and he was also known for torturing prisoners with silver injections and burning them with ultra-violet lights.

He's Known As "The Swede"

In AMC's Hell on Wheels, Heyerdahl plays Thor Gundersen, aka "The Swede." Once again, he shows his evil side by murdering an entire family, taking on the patriarchy's identity, and becoming the head of a Mormon ward.

As we've seen, Heyerdahl has already proven that Jack Gruber is an evil force to be reckoned with on Gotham. Let's hope he brings more of just that on Monday's episode.

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