Jimmy Kimmel Will Make 'The Bachelor' Better

This is how The Bachelor should always be! On Monday's episode of the reality show, Jimmy Kimmel will stop by to help Chris Soules find love—but he's demanding that it be done in a realistic way for once. It turns out that Kimmel was responsible for helping choose the dates, so the comedian decided to test how the women could handle every day life as a farmer's wife.

It's clearly meant to be fun and silly entertainment. After all, Kimmel is sending Chris and his date on a romantic one-on-one to...Costco. And the group date will be a relay race to determine if his future wife will be able to help out on the farm. The women have to try "milking a goat, shoveling manure and wrestling a greased pig." If that isn't fun for the whole family, I don't know what is.

But it's also going to be good to see the women participating in dates that aren't all glamour, all the time. Forget bonding under the Eiffel Tower or on a private helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon. Real love is built on being able to get along on your average shopping trip or prove that you can help out with the chores. Kimmel's dates are silly, but they're also preparing Chris and his women for a normal life together.

I've always found the overly romantic dates a bit boring and super unrealistic. Who wouldn't fall in love under those supercharged circumstances? If The Bachelor let Jimmy Kimmel plan the dates every season, they'd probably have a much higher success rate for their couples.

Check out the sneak peek below and get excited for The Bachelor to get down to earth.