New Anheuser-Busch App Will Deliver 100 Cases of Bud Light To Your Door Within An Hour

Dreams came true today for frat guys, Sunday football viewers, and cheap beer connoisseurs all over the Washington D.C. area. Anheuser-Busch released an Android mobile app that allows a user to order between one and 100 cases of Bud Light, to be delivered directly to their home. Cue collective bro gasp.

The user needs to be at least 21 years or older, of course, but the company promises that the orders will be delivered within an hour, as reported by Digital Trends. The Bud Light Button has made it extremely convenient for a party host to keep the party going and make sure the drunk have a way to get drunker without having to make a beer run. Hey, we've all been in that situation — and now there's a safe way to achieve that goal. Hallelujah.

According to the Anheuser-Busch Newsroom, beer deliveries will arrive with a few surprises for customers. Anheuser-Busch vice president Lucas Herscovici said, “Some people will get just a little something extra, like Bud Light-branded gear, but once in a while, we’re going to deliver a really over-the-top, amazing experiences. Maybe that means we show up with a DJ who turns your gathering of friends into an amazing event. The only way to find out for sure what we’re going to do is to grab your phone and use the Bud Light Button.”

For anyone who maybe has outgrown nights of sucking down cans of beer, the good news is that Anheuser Busch is not the only player in the at-home alcohol delivery game. There are several startups who are working to make alcohol available for at-home delivery, including Drizly, Thirstie, BrewDrop, and Minibar, as reported by Fortune.

Minibar, for instance, will deliver whatever beer, wine, or spirits you're drinking to your door with the simple tap of an app. The service is already available in cities like New York, Chicago, Dallas, Jersey City, and San Francisco.

MillerCoors is another giant beer brand that is working to serve their customers in an easy, timely way. They have partnered with Drizly and are delivering Miller Lite to homes within an hour, in the Boston, New York, Seattle, and D.C. areas as part of a promotion that ends on February 1.

So, let's all raise a glass to the future hangovers and regrettable drunken decisions we have yet to make. Because with the easy and fast delivery of booze, there will most certainly be plenty of those to come. Cheers.

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