Tom Hiddleston's 10 Hottest Movie Scenes

Big news for Hiddlestoners! Crimson Peak will feature a Tom Hiddleston sex scene, and what could be better than that? Jessica Chastain, his co-star in the horror film, dished to MTV about the steamy moment. "Well, there is a Tom Hiddleston sex scene, boys! I know! So you guys. Not gonna say who, but there is some, you know. You can calm down.”

Ha. Calm down. That's cute, Jessica. What she doesn't know is that the Hiddleston fandom is having a collective freakout right now. But there's no need to panic. Hiddleston has prepared us for this. He's had quite a few sensual moments in his films before. Crimson Peak won't be released until October 2015, which means fans have plenty of time to get excited for the movie, and specifically the Hiddles mystery sex scene.

But in the meantime, I'm here to tide you all over with his steamiest moments to date. That way you'll have some idea of what to expect when Crimson Peak hits theaters later this year. I can't promise it still won't overwhelm you when the time comes, but as the Girl Scout motto says: always be prepared. And what better way to prepare than to look at a list of Tom Hiddleston's sexiest moments?

That Mischievious Loki Smile

Technically he's trying to be evil here, not sexy. But he brilliantly achieves both. Those are some serious bedroom eyes.

Saying He Loves You

A marriage proposal from Hiddles himself is a very sexy moment indeed. This particular bit is from Return to Cranford. I suggest listening to the audio alongside the GIF and pretending he's talking to you. Not that I've done that, or anything.

His Kissing in The Hollow Crown

I mean, really. Even with all his clothes on, Hiddles manages to be pretty steamy.

Any Time He Dances

Technically not a movie, but those hips are too good to ignore.

Covered in Mud

Unrelated was a good film for Hiddleston fans. Here he is rubbing himself down with some mud. Oh, and he also has a skinny dipping scene. Count me in.

Chilling in a Bathtub

In an 1883 magazine video, Hiddleston climbed into a bathtub and doused himself in water for the good of everyone.

Sweeping Ruth Wilson Off Her Feet

After accidentally bumping into her character on the Britcom Suburban Shooutout, his character picks her up and carries her home where he massages her thighs in a very suggestive way. (*Taylor Swift voice* Don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn you.)

Eating a Popsicle

Only Lovers Left Alive may have been about a vampire romance, but it was also about Tom Hiddleston licking a popsicle.

Getting Handsy in Shakespearean Times

The Hollow Crown also had this little scene in it. Scandalous.

His Deep Blue Sea Sex Scene

I imagine this is the closest to what we can expect for Crimson Peak. It's a good, old-fashioned sex scene with a stripped-down Hiddleston. You can watch the full video of the part here.

Well, I'm ready for his Crimson Peak sex scene now. How about you?

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