Jennifer Lopez Wears Crop Top & Full Skirt Combo You'll Want To Like, But Can't Convince Yourself To

Looks like Jenny from the block is jumping off the 6 and onto the crop top train!!! (I'm so sorry for that. I couldn't resist an On The 6 allusion when it so generously offered itself up to me) At an American Idol Panel Discussion last night, Jennifer Lopez wore a crop top/full skirt combination fit for the prom issue of YM circa 1999. I can say with complete certainty that I have absolutely no idea how to feel about this outfit.

On Saturday night at a Television Critics Association Award Presentation in Pasadena, Lopez hit the step and repeat in a white satin crop top, and a high-waisted red satin skirt. Indulge me for a moment while I play Fashion Police and tell you why I'm strangely torn about this ensemble. I always love a good crop-top-to-high-waisted skirt ratio, so my first impulse is to give an emphatic thumbs up. Also, I appreciate the departure that Lopez is making from her typical hyper-vamp aesthetic for something a bit more high concept.

However, I'm decidedly unenthused by some variables of the fit of both pieces. First of all, the skirt is one of those lost un-bifurcated bottoms that falls in the limbo between Jennifer's calves and the floor. If it had emotions, it would be confused about its ultimate destination in life — caught in hem purgatory.

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Furthermore, I'm perplexed inscrutable bunching at the bottom of what appears to be a bubble crop top. As we all know, bubble tops come replete with elasticated bands that make each movement an awkward and disheveling endeavor. Hence, they should be worn by nobody. No amount of perfect blousing is worth that level of discomfort. Also, this could just be an ultra-wrinkly shirt that can't withstand the act of being lightly folded. Either way, there's something weird going on with it.

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

However, there's something strangely familiar about this outfit that compels me to give it the benefit of the doubt. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it in a different color before. OH YEAH! It's kinda like Larissa Oleynik's two-piece prom dress in 10 Things I Hate About You... sans belly button.

Ah, Bianca Stratford: always a well of fashion inspiration.

Image: Getty Images (2); Walt Disney Studios