10 Eco-Friendly Items That Are Cute, Practical, And Insanely Good For The Environment

Being more thoughtful about our environment is not exactly a philosophy at the forefront of everyone's mind. Using items that are eco-friendly isn't always a priority for people. I certainly don't time my showers or always remember to bring my own grocery totes. But these small gestures actually do a lot in the long run. The EPA reports that 32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2012.

Crazy, right? Thankfully, there are little things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint — and these items are here to help you out in a "set it and forget it" kind of way. Ahead are all the eco-friendly grocery totes, candles, and party gear you'll need.

by Corinne Caputo

Grocery Tote

Emily McDowell is one of my favorite sellers on Etsy. This tote makes it easy to see why.

Groceries and Shit tote bag, $20,

Sustainable Party Goods

For your next party, look no further than Susty Party. Their sustainable party goods are eco-friendly and adorable.

Party Pack (Serves 24), $85,

Cat Tote

This cat tote is perfect for a person who loves cats, or a cat who loves totes.

Cat tote bag, $22,

Remembered My Grocery Bag Tote

Remembering a tote is definitely something worth celebrating. Say goodbye to plastic bags!

Remembered My Grocery Bag Tote, $20,

Cold Cup Tumbler

A reusable coffee cup is a must for any caffeine addict. This tin cup is one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever made. It keeps your coffee cold longer, and you won’t be using (and forgetting to recycle) all of those plastic cups.

Cold cup tumbler, $12,

Hot Cup Travel Mug

Hot tumblers are no exception. This adorable love cup from Starbucks is as lovely as it looks.

Hot cup travel mug, $17,

Solar Lamp

Apartment dwellers can’t install full-out solar panels, but a solar lamp like this one is a nice first step.

Solar lamp, $30,

Soy Candle

Soy candles are better for the environment, and they burn longer and cleaner than regular candles. That means less black soot on your furniture!

Soy candle, $18.50,

Bar Code Purse

Before you buy that designer wallet, consider this recycled bar code purse. It’s one of a kind, functional, and made from recycled — you guessed it — bar codes.

Bar code purse, $16,

Shower Timer

This small and cheap shower timer is a simple way to keep your showers short and eco-conscious.

Shower timer, $6,