9 'Glee' Season 6 Songs That Prove This Season is Perfectly On Point — VIDEOS

Alright, there's no use in prideful pretenses any longer. I admit, I am a slave to Glee. That being said, I don't exactly expect the rest of the living population who possess free will to be as dedicated to Glee happenings as I am. I get it, we're six seasons in and somewhere in that time we’ve all gotten old, cranky and cynical, and as a result, your faith in Glee may have waivered. But, I'm telling you, before you choke down a particularly hard to swallow piece of humble, FOMO pie in March when it’s all over: tune in. If that's not enough for you, even Entertainment Weekly asserted after the premiere, "But the many who didn’t watch missed out. The two episodes that began Glee’s last act are the best Glee has been in awhile..." And it's true. But I feel that the main reason that's so, aside from the thesis EW provided, is thanks to the music. Because it's not just great, it's spectacular .

Between the old cast and the new, and of course, the musical Wizards of Oz behind the scenes, every single person has truly outdone themselves. But rather than listen to me wax poetic about it, listen to them. It’s all the convincing you’ll need, really:



What's that sound, you ask? Oh, that's just the sirens of the police car coming to read Lea Michele her Miranda Rights and take her down to the station for slaying us.

"Head Over Feet"/"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" Mash Up


Those are new McKinley students, Jane and Mason, AKA Samantha Marie Ware and Billy Lewis Jr., and I think we can all agree that they deserve an A+.

"Suddenly Seymour"


Whatever higher being there is, they must have created Darren Criss's voice with Lea Michele's in mind. Together they make beautiful music and this Broadway cover is no exception.

"Hand in My Pocket"/"I Feel the Earth Move" Mash Up


This Naya Rivera and Heather Morris duet is radio air time worthy, for sure. Ya hear that radio stations? Get. On. It.



An ensemble song for an ensemble cast showcasing everyone's voice in a subtle yet fun way: Perfection.



You can't just forget the Warblers, especially when they're reinvigorating an already fantastic Ed Sheeran tune.

"You Learn"/"You've Got a Friend" Mash Up


Just the right amount of sentimentality and "oomph" for me to listen to this on loop until the end of time. So very pretty.

"Mustang Sally"


Noah Guthrie may be America's answer to Sam Smith. Because those Red Coats aren't the only ones with soul, OK?



This pretty much speaks for itself, but I'd let Ware into my show choir group any day. In fact, I'd probably let her run it.

Image: FOX