John Corbett Cut From 'Parenthood' Series Finale

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

John Corbett isn't happy about the Parenthood series finale. The actor, who plays Seth Holt, learned he was cut from the final episode scheduled for January 29 when he picked up a hugely disappointing call from series show runner Jason Katims. "They had to cut my great scene,"Corbett told The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. Corbett, who was there supporting FX's new series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, added, "They flew me all the way from New York [to L.A.] to do a scene with Lauren [Graham] and it was such a good scene. I got to see [Amber's] baby and they had to cut it for time. I was super bummed." The episode was set to feature Corbett's return to the show, along with Matt Lauria and Sarah Ramos' returns, but unfortunately, Corbett's scene didn't quite make it.

Katims tells The Hollywood Reporter of the final episode, "So much is going on[...]those people come in very organically into the show; it's not like we're doing it with any kind of a big, 'And here's Haddie.' It happens very organically," later suggesting that Corbett's may have been one of several scenes cut from the episode, which was already far too long.

The series finale sounds promising, but sadly, we can only wonder what happened during that "great scene."