Who Is Sin Rostro On 'Jane The Virgin'? These Likely Suspects' True Nature Will Soon Be Revealed

Who knew that a telenovela inspired dramedy would nab The CW its first Golden Globe win? Basically, Jane the Virgin is slaying. I'm obsessed with this sweet, heartwarming, and wonderfully written show. But, who isn't? Jane the Virgin returns Monday Jan. 19 to give us more awesomeness, but there will be a lot of questions up in the air when the midseason premiere kicks off. Will Jane end up with Rafael or Michael? Is Jane's grandmother, Alba, going to be OK? Will Xo and Rogelio really give romance a chance? And most importantly, who is Sin Rostro?

Fans don't need to worry that this storyline will take too long to gain speed. According to TVLine's interview with Jane the Virgin executive producer Jennie Urman, we'll find out the identity of Sin Rostro in Episode 12, which is currently set to air on Feb. 2. When it comes to the mysterious drug dealer, we only have a few things to go on. He's a dangerous and pretty powerful crime lord. He went off the grid when Rafael was diagnosed with cancer and resurfaced just when Rafael's health (and hotel) improved. That doesn't make Rafael look good. But he isn't the only person who seems a bit shady. So who could be Sin Rostro? Here are the character's most likely to surprise us in Episode 12.


Rafael has proven to be an amazing boyfriend for Jane. He's kind, sweet, and caring. Also, he's hot. Very, very hot. Sure, he used to be a womanizer, but that's a far leap from a ruthless criminal. However, Rafael has also shown himself to be a ruthless manipulator in the ways he's outsmarted his hopefully soon-to-be ex-wife Petra. Plus, his health issues coincide with Sin Rostro going off the radar. There's also that tunnel revealed in the bathroom of one of the swanky suites in his hotel. But all of this can be a coincidence, right?! I suspect that the show will continue to layer evidence against Rafael to make him look guilty as hell. But how could Rafael be Sin Rostro? At this point, he is a likely suspect. But, if he turns out to be Sin Rostro, there's no way his relationship with Jane would be endgame and that would just break my heart.


Petra's mom is out of control. She's the true mastermind behind her daughter's marriage mind games with Rafael. Magda's definitely an antagonist, but I don't think she's going to end up being Sin Rostro. Money seems to be the main motivation for her trying to make sure Petra manipulates Rafael properly. If she's really a well connected crime boss, why would she be pretending to be broke? That doesn't make any sense. Magda will likely continue to be messy as the series continues, but don't expect her to be revealed as the mastermind behind anything but Petra's battles with Rafael.


I'm not a fan of Michael at all, but since he's a detective trying to take down Sin Rostro, it would take a lot of plot twists for him to be revealed as the very crime boss he's been investigating. Could it happen? Sure, Jane the Virgin is a telenovela after all. Crazy, highly emotional developments are the norm.

A Completely New Character

I think we can rule out Jane, Xo, Alba, and Rogelio. If any of those characters ended up being Sin Rostro, it would be just too bonkers. Rafael's dad and his untrustworthy wife, Rose, are definitely in contention, but their shadiness seems reserved for interpersonal matters. Could Jane the Virgin introduce a completely new character to fill the villainous role?

I think Jane the Virgin will tomake a character we already know Sin Rostro. Why? Because it is so much more interesting and perfectly aligns with the telenovela vibe the show is going for. Luckily, we'll find out the villain's identity in just a few weeks and I completely trust wherever this show decides to go. Just please, don't let it be Rafael. He and Jane need to end up together.

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