14 Vegan Desserts That Are Nutty, Creamy, Decadent, And Surprisingly Delicious

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I'll admit that dessert is the last thing on my mind when I sit down for dinner. After a day of prepping veggies and spices and starches, I don't feel like stressing over puddings, cakes, cookies, and mousses. But that said, no dinner is complete without dessert — and healthy vegan desserts can be surprisingly delicious.

If you're newly vegan, it's easy to feel like your dessert options are suddenly limited. Everything gooey, chewy, and rich that you once loved now just feels off-limits, tainted by the milks, creams, butters, and eggs you've sworn off. But any seasoned vegan will tell you that with a few simple swaps, all those rich, creamy, and devilishly decadent treats you love are still lovable — and enjoyable.

Instead of those heavy ingredients, mashed bananas, ripe avocados, and savory cacao come together to make all your favorite after-dinner snacks taste even better than you remember them.

Need more proof? These 14 cakes, cookies, and savory sweet goodies will have you craving a little something sweet. (And we can't blame you.)

Image: Cookie and Kate

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