Demetria's 'RHOA' Performance Was Great, Even If All the Ladies Showed Up Halfway Through

I have to admit, I was nervous for poor Demetria McKinney's RHOA performance. The Puerto Rico trip has been full of delicious drama, but she's had terrible luck on the show so far. Her disastrous music video premiere was never even able to figure out its AV problems and play the actual video. So I watched with my eyes half closed and fingers crossed that there were no wardrobe malfunctions, missed notes, and that she didn't trip on her tutu and break her ankle. But while the stage was a little rachet, her voice is great and her performance was pretty fantastic.

We only saw her performance of the new single, "100," that she had just completed the music video for, featuring Da Brat, who I haven't seen since the mid-2000s. It's a pretty funny, self-aware song about "keeping it 100" (as in, 100 percent real, a la the Dave Chappelle sketch), which certainly fit tonight's shady, shady episode. However, with all the stress of this big performance on her shoulders, Demetria did not indulge in any reading, instead reconciling with Phaedra and bonding over dresses rather than fighting over relationships.

The rest of the time, she spent nervously rehearsing — no doubt another reason why the performance turned out so well. She actually practiced and took the singing seriously. Bravo even put some production value into it. They didn't attempt to edit it into something embarrassing, which was a first for the network that brought us Countess LuAnn, Melissa Gorga, and, of course, Kim Zolciak.

But the ladies didn't even show up until halfway through the performance, which I guess counts as Demetria's usual stroke of bad luck. I know these ladies are always running on KB Time (Kandi Burruss time), but I don't see how Bravo could have "accidentally" let their van leave so late, and not have the club where Demetria was performing hold her set until they were able to arrive. Would have been the perfect time for some TV magic.

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But regardless, Demetria was able to sing beautifully live and even made a case that Roger Bobb is right — she could become a, R&B star, even at 35 years old.

Image: Laura MacGruder/Bravo; Giphy