Anastasia Beverly Hills Joins the Lipstick Game

by Miki Hayes

Anastasia Beverly Hills, the queen of eyebrows, has been expanding her empire. She's already proved she can do eyeshadow and contouring, but she's on to the next. And this time, that means lips. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick is the brand's first venture into lippies, launching with an impressive stunning shades. Now if there's one thing I love more than lipstick, it's liquid lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are generally known for their full, opaque color; flattering, matte finish; and ease of application (small applicator + cream consistency = crisp edges and no tugging). That being said, I jumped at the opportunity to review these bad boys for you, my fellow lipstick enthusiasts. But first, a little more about the product:

With this new release, a relatively vast shade range is covered. There is everything from pale nude, to classic red, to vampy purple. Each color is housed in a transparent tube, so you can see exactly what shade you're reaching for, and they have easy-to-use doe-foot applicators. As the name suggests, these lipsticks are not solid, but there was a slight variance in viscosity amongst the tubes I tested. That is, Baby Pink was somewhat runny, Sweet Talker was basically a cream, and Milkshake was somewhere in-between. I found that the creamier the consistency, the easier it was to apply, as the thinner ones took more building up to reach an even, opaque coverage. But at the end of the day, they all dried down to the same matte finish.

Left to right: Milkshake, Baby Pink, Sweet Talker

Because these lipsticks dry to a true matte finish, once they're on, they're not going anywhere . These babies are seriously smudge-proof, kiss-proof, and even mostly food and drink-proof. I got about 10 hours of wear-time before I noticed any fading. But while the longevity of these is out-of-this-world, they are somewhat drying, and they aren't afraid to show it. That means any flakiness and lines on the lips will show through, so make sure to moisturize before swiping one on.


Baby Pink

Sweet Talker

Oh, and these lippies are not for the faint-of-heart. The colors are bold and bright — even more so than how they photograph. They demand attention, and won't leave your lips until they get it. (Seriously, that's probably why the wear-time is so long!) So if you're ready for a commitment to a statement lipstick, Anastasia Beverly Hills has got you covered.

Images: Miki Hayes (4)