10 Shots That Prove 'Breaking Bad' Will Be Taught in Film Classes For Years to Come

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I have watched 59 episodes of Breaking Bad in the last six days. I am bleary-eyed and emotionally compromised and much more thoroughly aware of my tolerance for coffee than I was a week ago.

In two episodes I will be caught up, and then, tonight, I will watch the series finale and cry and nurse my ravaged heart with the rest of the world. Until then, it's time to go nostalgic.

Breaking Bad is a masterpiece of a show in many ways. The story-telling, the journey of character, the structural pacing. But one thing that made my former-cinema-major heart go BOOM? The cinematography.

New York Magazine's Matt Zoller Seitz once called Breaking Bad "the most visually intelligent drama on TV." We are inclined to agree. So, in celebration of tonight's finale — and in memory of what came before — we gathered a few of our favorite shots from the series' past, a sort of reminder as to why this is the kind of show (and Michael Slovis the kind of cinematographer) that will be taught in cinema & television classes for decades to come. This is in no way a comprehensive list — that would take much longer — but simply some that stood out to us as we were going through our massive collection of Breaking Bad screenshots.

(Warning: May contain a visual spoiler or two)

Images: AMC

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