Who Is Jake On 'Eye Candy'? Ryan Cooper Plays The Love Interest We Really Hope Isn't A Murderer

From the opening moments of the first episode of Eye Candy, you start to wonder if you can trust anyone on this show — or in general. Victoria Justice goes from the bright halls and songs of Victorious to this new MTV triller about a hacker named Lindy who sees her little sister abducted and becomes the target of a vicious stalker when she decides to start online dating. Then said stalker kills Lindy's cop lover, Ben. Can Lindy ever catch a break? Well, you can find out when Eye Candy 's second episode airs Monday night on MTV — and see what's next for Aussie hottie Jake Bolin, played by model Ryan Cooper.

Jake was one of several men who had contacted Lindy on her fateful first night of using online dating app Flirtual — which totally looked like a sort of Tinder and Grindr mashup — where Lindy went by the pseudonym "Eye Candy." The bad news is that he could actually be that crazy stalker who contacted her via Flirtual. There's always a catch with these hotties, isn't there? The Daily Mail, however, says that we can count on Cooper playing Justice's main love interest in the series, so he can't be all that evil, right? Let's hope so.

So, who's this sexy man from down under? Here's what you need to know about Cooper.


Born in Papa New Guinea to Australian parents, according to Daily Mail, Cooper worked as a carpenter for six years before moving to New York City and making a big name for himself in modeling. He made a sexy splash in his debut campaign, one for DKNY Jeans in 2008 and way more opportunities followed for brands like Armani Exchange, Hugo Boss underwear, Esprit underwear, Garnier, and Just Jeans.

One Life To Live

One of Cooper's first acting roles was on the former ABC soap One Life To Live. He played police officer/club bouncer Bruce Hunter when the sudser was revived on Hulu last year. Unfortunately, lots of legal trouble has halted any chance of a second online season for the beloved soap.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

LastWeekTonight on YouTube

Last summer, Cooper appeared in a very memorable parody ad for Diet Coke on the HBO comedy news show. Oliver goes on a rant about how news outlets are now using native advertising to make money — which is basically camouflaging advertisements as news content.

Oliver reasons that if advertising gets to sneak into news, can news sneak into advertising? Well, in the parody Diet Coke commercial (see above), a shirtless Cooper delivers information about the Ebola outbreak. Informed and sexy — what a catch.

Image: MTV