Jennifer Aniston's Style Comfort Zone Is Expanding — Here Are 13 Fabulous Results

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The seat of Jennifer Aniston's immense fame has always been the ease with which one can relate to her and the fact that she was the Friend you wanted to befriend. So it's not a shock that the actress doesn't usually go for outrageous, trendy, and/or edgy fashion, and that has been to her credit. While not a "Wow"-inducing beauty, Aniston is a looker with a pretty flawless sense of style. Her set-your-watch-by-'em signatures are unfussy, black, or monochromatic pieces in simple, flattering silhouettes. But lately, Jennifer Aniston has stepped out of her comfort zone and sexed up her style.

Some might call her hallmarks "boring"; I call 'em "classic" and I respect the fact that she knows what works for her and sticks to it. But as Aniston has stepped out of her professional comfort zone of rom coms in favor of the dark and dramatic with her role as a scarred, depressed woman in Cake, the actress has also done the same on the red carpet.

Maybe her role in Cake has inspired her to take fashion chances, too. I know I am loving the result. While she did not get the expected Oscar nom for her work in the film, she has shown us another side of her style. Lately, the actress has opted for things we're not used to seeing and that begin with the letter "P," like pops of color, plunging necklines, pantsuits, ponytails, and more!

These are some of the "new" Jen's best looks!

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