'Parenthood' Series Finale Won't Include This Character & Fans Will Be OK With It

There's one tear-filled goodbye we can rule out from Parenthood 's series finale: Sarah Braverman and her ex-husband, Seth. While promoting his new FX show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, actor John Corbett revealed that he filmed a touching final scene, but it was unfortunately cut for time.

"I got a bad call from [Parenthood creator] Jason Katims two nights ago — they had to cut my great scene," he told reporters at TCA. "They flew me all the way from New York [to Los Angeles] to do a scene with Lauren [Graham], and God, it was such a good scene. I got to see [Amber’s] baby and they had to cut it for time. I was super bummed."

Even though Seth did not appear in any recent episodes — Corbett's last was one episode last season, but he recurred through Season 2 and Season 3 — he did give a gift to his daughter and grandchild when he sent them a fancy new crib in the mail. Ironically, Hank putting that crib together solidified that Sarah wanted to marry him, so Seth effectively pushed his ex into marrying a new guy. But, hey, given all that Seth has put his family through, that's the best gift he could have given them. It still would have been nice to see them all reunite for one final moment, but at least Matt Lauria (Ryan) and Sarah Ramos (Haddie) are still slated to appear in the series finale.

Image: NBC