Kimye Went Skiing With Some Regular Peeps

As the plebs are wont to do, the First Couple of Lifestyle Exhibitionism took in a bit of seasonal recreation this weekend. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went skiing with a bunch of normals and took copious smartphone photos of the event, attempting to prove how down-home they are by osmosis. BEST TRIP EVER!!

On Sunday, Kardashian posted a handful of pictures to her Instagram from a ski trip mini-break that she took alongside her bae. Sixteen of their closest regular person friends accompanied West and Kardashian on this weekend of selfie-snapping. A great time was had by all. Except for, I'm assuming, the poor Jerry Gergich-like soul who was charged with taking photos and had to remove their ski gloves every 45 minutes. It's a harsh reality, but every ski trip needs a Jerry for this express purpose.

Kim is unable to perform the duties of a Jerry for obvious reasons. I mean, her outfit is so glam, it's physically incapable of not being photographed. In one of the pics, Kim looks like what I would imagine her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood avatar would look like at a PR event in Aspen.

Alongside her, Kim's friends look even more normal by comparison in their utilitarian ski gear. In another photo, Kim poses with Kanye with a curious lack of people on the slopes in the background, leading me to believe that they closed the resort down for the weekend. Again, something that ordinary folk aren't fiscally capable of.

Can someone PLEASE tell me where the other people are?!?!?!

Kim's friends forced her to don a helmet and goggles for safety reasons, which she was decidedly unenthused about.

Despite her ambivalence about the headgear proscriptions, she still managed to take plenty of pictures. Here she is, posing with her friends on the slopes, looking like a straight-up cardboard cutout.

PHEW! After a long day of shredding powder, Kim relaxed and took a group pic with the cast of the ski trip. For the record, she respects the privacy of this gang BEYOND MEASURE, which is why she won't tag them in this photo. LOL (???).

Ah, weekend recreation. How quaint.