5 Cute & Easy Hairstyles Using Only Bobby Pins

by Miki Hayes

If I say "quick and easy hairstyle," what's the first thing that comes to mind? A ponytail? A top-knot? While these are both cute and classic options, we all do them, so we all know how easy they are. On top of that, hair ties can actually cause damage to your hair. So for a 'do that is still easy, cute, and doesn't cause as much breakage, try out some hairstyles that only use bobby pins. And while these styles take about the same amount of effort as a top-knot, they look like they require a bit more, and bring a little something extra to boot. But before you start, here are a couple tips to help your pinned hairdos last longer.

First off, if you can, invest in some professional-grade hair pins. Since these do not have the plastic coating that drugstore pins do, they will not slide out of your hair as easily. However, if you still want to use drugstore versions, they will hold better if you spray them with hairspray or dry shampoo first. Secondly, always make sure you insert your pins with the ridged side facing down (unless they are decorated on that side) for better hold. And finally, try not to open the pin too widely before inserting it into your hair. By forcing the pin open, it loses some of the tension it needs to better hold your hair. Now let's get to pinning.

1. The Front French Braid (1-2 Bobby Pins)

To get this look, begin by sectioning off some hair along your hairline. Then simply French braid, making sure to pull in all front pieces to keep hair out of your face. When you reach slightly past your temple, use one or two bobby pins to secure the braid behind the ear, with the pins facing the back of your head. Then just let some hair fall over the end of the braid to hide the pins.

2. The Triangle Pin (3 Bobby Pins)

Pick three more decorative bobby pins for this one. Take two small sections of hair from the front of your face and pull them back. Secure each section with one bobby pin at an upward angle to create the two sides of your triangle. Then simply add the third pin straight across the bottom, connecting your triangle. I know this one seems a little difficult to do because it's at the back of your head, but your fingers will easily feel the shape of the triangle and be able to close in the gaps.

3. The Front Twist (1-2 Bobby Pins)

This is similar to the french braid, but even easier. All you have to do is twist the front, top section of hair around the next front section of hair. Keep going until just above your ear, and use one or two bobby pins facing the top of your head to secure the twist.

4. The Accent Braid (1 Bobby Pin)

Ready for something even easier? Grab a front section of hair and hold it parallel to the floor as you braid it (this will help it lie flat against your head). Then, just take one bobby pin and secure it to the side of your head. The trick here is to pin it with the opening of the bobby pin facing the front of your head. This will help hide the ends of the pin and actually be a little more secure than pinning in the same direction of your braid.

5. The Mini Victory Rolls (4 Bobby Pins)

For this last one, start by grabbing the front section of one side of your hair, and twist it towards the back. Then push it forward slightly to get some volume out of your roll, and place one bobby pin parallel to the ground, facing the back of your head. Use a second bobby pin to anchor the first by pinning across the first bobby pin with the opening facing the top of your head. This will secure the roll. Then just repeat on the other side. Voila!

Images: Miki Hayes (9)