Live Stream The 2015 'State Of The Union' Address So You Can Still Call Yourself a Responsible American, Damnit

Just because you're a hip millennial who "doesn't have a television" shouldn't mean you can't follow politics. Tuesday night, you can live stream the 2015 State of the Union Address with just a steady internet connection and a trusty device. While some of us are bummed that our favorite shows are taking a break, you streaming types should put down your Friends marathon and join us in real time for this annual event. President Obama is expected to make many announcements that will affect us in the coming year — including the possibility of federally funded community college tuition for all citizens who want it.

Why else should you watch? Not only is it important to keep up with current events in the country, but this is a communal experience just like the Super Bowl, the Golden Globes, and Peter Pan Live! Let me paint you a picture of a girl (spoiler alert: it's me) who was feeling lonely after her first semester of graduate school in a new city. Being able to watch, live tweet, and discuss live events like the State of the Union kept me connected to my friends who were scattered across the country. It's a national conversation that, thanks to the Internet, is incredibly easy to participate in regardless of time zone or cable plan.

You can play BINGO, a SOTU drinking game, or a BINGO drinking game! This has been an eventful year in the United States, and you don't want to miss the White House's take on it as we move into 2015. Here's how to watch the State of the Union tonight on your computer or tablet.


The best way to stream the State of the Union live is through the White House's official channel, jokes about Obamacare and that website aside. Not only can you stream the speech on any device, but it will be an enhanced experience with interactive charts and graphs to go along with each of the President's announcements, as well as a question and answer session after the speech. If you want to fully geek out with the State of the Union, this is the way to go.

You can also go to the White House's official Youtube channel and stream the enhanced version of the speech. They even have a livestream with Spanish subtitles! Forget television, this might actually be the best way to watch the speech tonight.


If you want something with less charts and more pundits, there are plenty of alternative live stream options to choose from. Several other sites, such as PBS Newshour and Politico will be streaming the speech from their websites as well. Yahoo News is getting in on the action. CNN will be streaming Season Two of Hambycast with Pete Hamby from their website to coincide with the speech. You can also watch the Republican rebuttal speech on their website (seen above with one of last year's highlights).

Basically, there's no excuse not to watch the State of the Union tonight. Unless you're working, or on a plane, or hiking or something. Still, with this many options, try to make your best effort!

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