'RHOBH's Kim Richards Was Born Ready for This 'Revenge' Role

They say life imitates art, but in this case it may be the other way around. Revenge, a show full of fictional drama is bringing in someone who knows a thing or two about real-life drama as it welcomes a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. That's right, Revenge is welcoming RHOBH star Kim Richards in the Jan. 25 episode as a guest star and friend of Victoria Grayson's. Richards will play Stephanie, a "society lady," as reported by E!, which might not only sound familiar, but perfect for the Real Housewives star.

According to the news, Richards comes to the Hamptons laden with secrets, because this is Revenge, and if you don't have secrets, you're not allowed into the Hamptons (at least that's how I assume it works). The actress has a very impressive acting history. She starred in Escape to Witch Mountain along with starring in a few television series like Dukes of Hazard, The Love Boat, and The Nanny and the Professor. This will be her first role in five years, and if you're anything like me, you're totally rooting for Richards' success, and genuinely happy to see her getting work. Plus, Richards' is going to make a great socialite on Revenge, and here are four reasons why.

She Knows Drama

Real Housewives is basically Revenge without the murder. There's drama everywhere, and Kim can spot a pot stirrer right away.

She Knows How to Act at an Dinner Party Gone Wrong

Just dodge the incoming wine glass. Surely, Victoria Grayson hosts classy dinner parties, where throwing wine glasses is frowned upon, but who knows what could happen with Kim's presence.

She Can Keep a Secret

Kim has proven to be a pretty good secret keeper on Real Housewives, so chances are that's going to help her keep her character's secrets on Revenge.

She Knows How to Handle Sketchy People

Sketchy people are everywhere in Revenge and — I'm going to go out on a limb here and say — sketchy people are everywhere on Real Housewives, too. Whether it is dodging one of Victoria's manipulations, or avoiding Emily's web of lies, Kim has the "stay as far removed as possible" thing down from her time on Real Housewives.

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