8 Awesome Feminist Tattoos

What better way is there to pledge your undying allegiance to gender equality than by inking an indelible icon of feminism into your skin? Recently, a Maryland student got a Ruth Bader Ginsburg tattoo, which surely tops the list of unique feminist designs that have hit the mainstream news circuit. Tattoos of feminist leaders and feminist symbolism are nothing new, but with the popularity of feminism rising, overrunning our headlines Godzilla-style, there's no time like the present to find a vast array of individual takes on the subject.

My first feminist tattoo was inspired by a photo of Bettie Page from 1954. The shot, taken by renowned female photographer Bunny Yeager, showed Page posing in a leopard print bikini — as a 17 year old, I thought it was the ultimate sex-positive, feminist image. Back then, I mostly came across feminist tattoos made up of an inspirational quote or the venus symbol (with or without a fist), but I wanted something a little more vibrant (and sexy).

It's cool if you're into the classics — that imagery is popular for a reason — but there are also more diverse ways to express your feminist beliefs in picture form. So for the weirder and less obvious homages to women's rights, look no further than the tattoo designs below.

1. A Uterus

I'd say an organ with creation power is pretty feminist, wouldn't you? This is one way to represent for your lady parts.

2. A Fish Riding a Bicycle

You know the old saying, "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"? My guess is this chick doesn't rely on dudes too much.

3. Ruther Bader Ginsburg

The second female Supreme Court Justice definitely deserves to be immortalized in ink. Someone has got to have a Sandra Day O'Connor tattoo out there, too...

4. Feminist Flash

What's better than one feminist tattoo, but seven feminist tattoos? Cats, brass knuckles and switchblades: the stuff that girls are made of.

5. Beyonce

Queen Bey is probably the single most famous feminist of the moment. She's earned her place in the pantheon of tattoo-worthy females.

6. Lisa Simpson

Lisa is the cartoon world's youngest vegetarian feminist. Who wouldn't choo-choo-choose her for their feminist tattoo?

7. Owls, Flowers, and Vagina

Just a nice, traditional design centered around a stylized vagina. You almost miss the point if you don't look closely.

8. Angela Davis with Black Panther Headdress

Radical feminist leader and writer Angela Davis had close ties with the Black Panther party, so her headdress in this tattoo is pretty fitting. Powerful imagery for a powerful woman.

Images: Instagram/@nikkiballs; @bodyartbyadam; @tayandthenuggetpup; @rodkeyimagery; @konfidentm; @blinkthisbrooke; @sirifelliciaellinor; @hedvigmartina