30 Mindy Kaling Hair Styles, Because Her New Ombre 'Do Isn't The Only Amazing Look She's Rocked Recently

Mindy Kaling arrives to the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 2, 2014 in West Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO/ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ (Photo credit should read ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

January is the ideal time to test-drive a new workout, eyeshadow shade, or hairstyle, and celebrities are already celebrating the new year with drastically altered looks. Case in point: Mindy Kaling has highlighted her raven locks with caramel-hued accents to the delight of her friends and fans. In celebration of the new look, here are Mindy Kaling's 30 best red carpet hairstyles. 

Smooth And Sleek

A glossy, smooth style suited Kaling at a Fox network event.

Beachy Waves

Kaling looked laid-back and lovely in loose, beachy waves.

Tousled Half Updo

A lighly tousled half updo paired well with Kaling’s ladylike shift dress.

Side Braid

The side braid ruled the red carpet in 2014, with Kaling as one of the trend’s top proponents.

Mussed Side Bun

Combined with a pink pout and an elegant LBD, Kaling’s mussed side bun struck the perfect balance between relaxed and dignified.

Sculpted Bob

Though Kaling’s long locks lend the actress’s red carpet ensembles a sultry edge, her choice to chop a refined bob gave her a sophisticated air.

Side Ponytail

A side ponytail was playfully pretty with a studded black frock.

Bombshell Curls

Kaling channeled ’40s Hollywood glamour with loosely coiled waves.

'60s Style Volume

Kaling’s coral halter gown was enhanced by glossy locks and volume at the crown of her head.  

Loose French Twist

A headband accented Kaling’s loose French twist and black suited ensemble.

Curled Ponytail

Kaling’s curled ponytail gave the star a youthful vibe on the red carpet when paired with delicate drop earrings.

Flat-Ironed Layers

The Mindy Project star showcased her long, layered locks with a lustrous flat-ironed look.

Faux Flapper-Style Bob

Kaling branched out with a faux flapper-style bob, made more alluring by the tendrils left to frame her face.

Piecey Side Braid

Kaling looked bohemian and beautiful with a piecey side braid and aqua shift.

Wind-Ruffled Side Bun

A black swiss dotted gown was made more modern and romantic with a loosely wind-ruffled side bun.

Deep Parted Side Bangs

Kaling made a simple yet dramatic statement with straightened locks and deeply parted side bangs.

Honey Highlighted Curls

Kaling showcased her newly highlighted curls at a Fox event in Pasadena.

High Ponytail

Kaling again sported her signature ponytail, this time placed at the crown of her head.

Beehive Bun

A couture gown simply wouldn’t be the same without a dramatic updo, as Kaling demonstrated with her beehive bun.

Feathered Updo

Kaling channeled Farrah Fawcett with feathered bangs and curls on the red carpet.

Ruffled Spirals

Kaling sported sensually wild curls on the red carpet with a dramatic smokey eye.

Slicked-Back Locks

Kaling adopted a gelled-back look for a red carpet appearance.

Bold Bangs

The ever-experimental Kaling played with a thick fringe and a blunt bob.

Pinned Back Layers

Kaling let her luminous skin take center stage by pinning back her layers.

Chic And Crimped

Though crimped locks may be a relic of the ’80s, the look is evocative of late night sojourns to the dance floor and the freedom of undergrad life.

Lightly Curled Ends

Kaling amped up a simple taupe sheath dress with lightly curled hair — the perfect no-fuss style.

The Modern Comb-Over

Kaling test-drove one of 2014’s most notorious trends on the red carpet: the elegant, modernized comb-over.

Natural Waves

Kaling embraced the ultimate low-maintenance, wearable style on the red carpet: natural waves.

A Lightened Lob

Kaling sported a chestnut brown lob with a slight curl at a Windows-sponsored event.

A Bumped Up Updo

Kaling’s Bump It-esque style may harken back to the looks once seen on Jersey Shore, but the actress’s softer version is infinitely more chic.