The Way This Toddler Reacts To Her Dad's Prank Will Make You Wish You Felt This Much Wonder Ever In Life (You're Dead Inside) — VIDEO

If you’re struggling to fill up your “insanely adorable” quota for the day, look no further: This video from America’s Funniest Home Videos (apparently still a thing, evidently still as full of wholesome giggles as ever) shows a little girl being amazed—absolutely freaked out in the brain—by her father’s ability to swallow a giant plastic centipede whole and then cough it right back up. We viewers can see that this impressive gastronomical feat is, in fact, a clever illusion that he accomplishes simply by putting the centipede where she can’t see it. His daughter suspects nothing of the hoax, and gasps in awe. Ugh. Typical, gullible toddler. What, will you just believe anything? Good luck in this wasted world, you beautiful soul.

In all seriousness, I am in love with how delightfully astounded this child is by a simple trick of the hands. I wish my jaded, withered, grown-up heart was capable of feeling this much wonder about anything at all. You hand me an iPhone for the first time—basically a whole computer crammed into a deck of cards—and I can’t conjure up much more than a shrug and a lukewarm “meh.” But you make this child think you’ve swallowed a bug, and she is completely overwhelmed with amazement. Don’t we all kind of want that?

It should also be noted that this toddler is rocking what appears to be a kick-ass Wonder Woman t-shirt. You keep being you, awesome little girl child!

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Image: Youtube