21 Pet Halloween Costumes That Are Adorable/Ridiculous/Emotionally Scarring

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One of the best thing about pets is that they're usually covered in fur that is fluffy and lovely and cuddly and it just makes them too cute to resist. But then there comes that magical time of year when, by some weird loophole in laws on animal abuse, we are allowed to dress them in something else furry and cuddly and lovely, which makes them even more irresistible. PET COSTUMES. Are they morally questionable? For sure. Are they so gosh darn cute you can't think straight? YES. OF COURSE THEY ARE. So buckle up and keep a tight hold on your ovaries, or you might find yourself running full tilt towards the nearest pet store to procure yourself a little something cuddle and fuzzy and wonderful.

Image: BlueBulli via Etsy

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