26 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas

When it comes to your ears, the piercing possibilities are endless. If you haven’t taken a look before, grab a mirror. Pretty much every nook and cranny you see can be the home of your new favorite piece of jewelry. But where to start?

To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together a collection of 26 photos of ear piercings. But proceed with caution: once you see these beautiful piercings, you’re not going to be able to decide which one you like best.

Who doesn't love a little chain metal?

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For the girly girl

A little love from below


Unexpected combinations


Who said you need multiple piercings to pull off an optical illusion?


Golden bliss

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Because one earring is never enough

For your next Harry Potter party


The inner conch is a great place for suprises

A stud paired with a mythical ear cuff

So cute, even your grandma would approve.

For the astronomy majors. And everyone else.

We <3 this

Pearls are office-appropriate, right?

Perfect for your girls' night out

Who knew skulls could be so cute?

When chain meets cuff

Put your heart on your helix

Put cupid to work

Three studs on the tragus makes a powerful statement.

Lovin' it

Sometimes, simple is better


Coordination is key

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To satisfy your inner Bad B*tch


Delicate and sweet

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Upper ear piercings are getting more and more intricate